Cuba My Soul:
A musical odyssey into
the soul of a nation.


Cuba My Soul is an exquisitely soulful film, reminiscent of the importance of Buena Vista Social Club for the preservation of Cuban music.

Cuba My Soul: Unveiling the Essence of Cuban Music and Culture

the film

Cuba My Soul explores the heart and soul of Cuban music. Filmed over two eventful concerts in Havana, we invited many of Cuba’s finest musicians to share their passion on and off stage.

The result is a meaningful and emotive 61-minute journey with a stunning live soundtrack.

What is the soul of Cuban music?

And how will it be influenced by the outside world?

Craig Miller

the director

Born and bred in Melbourne Australia, Craig Miller was drawn to Cuba as a
percussionist and salsa dancer.

There he discovered an unparalleled intensity of passion for music and inspiring diversity – from Folkloric, to Son to Reggaeton that he felt must be shared.

Craig is dedicated to supporting the musicians and preserving their extraordinary message for generations to come.

The Descargas

The extended soundtrack featuring the concerts from the film... 

Enjoy now for free!

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“This is a really good documentary.

It has a lot of potential, a lot of history, and a lot of rhythm.
You can watch this while seated and dance with your feet.”

- Panga