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With its captivating choreography and upbeat tempo, the song Naatu Naatu from RRR just made history by becoming India’s first-ever film track to bag an Oscar! The Best Original Song at the 95th Academy Awards swept global audiences off their feet with a performance that was truly electrifying.

While heading to Germany for the Snowdance Film Festival, I made a magical stop in Mumbai – home of Bollywood! Inspired by RRR’s enchanting music & dance moves and Cuba’s seductive energy, I was compelled to draw from both worlds. It became my mission to create something that married these two art forms together! With this inspiration I will return to India to hold a gala Indian premier for my Cuba My Soul and produce a original song and video that unites two incredible cultures—Indian and Cuban- featuring a mash up of Bollywood music and dance and Cuban Son, Salsa and Rumba.

You’re invited to join an extraordinary opportunity for cultural sharing and connection between India, Cuba, and Australia! Celebrate the music of Cuban musicians across the world with us – help preserve its legacy while exchanging values & customs like never before. 

Join us now as Team Member, Partner or Inspired Supporter of this pioneering project!

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