Cuban Musicians: Discover the Soulful Sounds of Cuba

The Cuban Musicians

the heart of the film

I wanted Cuba My Soul to have a fast pace, with a rhythm that matched the kaleidoscope of excitement and passion of the Cuban people. My goal was to have the audience get a genuine appreciation of the Cuban soul and leave the cinema dancing.

With this format, it was only possible to show a small portion of our footage in the film. There was so much more that we couldn’t fit in.

On this page, we feature some of the talented musicians and some exclusive out-takes from the film.



my dear friend

Conrado is an absolute treasure. His love, energy and passion for his music are contagious.

“I got two tin cans and put a stick in the middle, with a nail.
And I started play. Taca taca taca taca taca taca…
And my parents said to me "Hey boy have a rest! You you've got to school".
And I said no. It's just five in the afternoon. I have to listen to Arsenio Rodríguez.”

And I have to listen to Arcaño y Sus Maravillas.


Felix Baloy

cuban singer

Felix Baloy is a Cuban Son singer and percussionist with almost 40 albums in his career. This makes him one of the greatest ever representatives of Cuban Son. Felix began his career as a teenager and remains today as one of the greatest Soneros of today and forever.

Felix Baloy es un cantante de Son Cubano y percusionista con casi 40 discos en su carrera. Esto lo convierte en uno de los mas grandes representantes del Son Cubano Felix comenzó su carrera siendo un adolescente y se mantiene hoy día como uno de los mas grandes soneros de hoy y de siempre.

Tete Caturla

cuban singer

Teté Caturla is an amazing Cuban singer who began her career when she was just a child. In 1958, she moved to Havana where she participated in different groups and just never stopped. She played in groups “Las Anacaonas” and “Cuarteto de Aida” before becoming a soloist.

During her career, Teté played around the world: Panama, Finland, Canada, Germany and Angola among many others. For this and for many other reasons it is an honour and joy to have her on “Cuba my Soul”.

Teté Caturla es una tremenda cantante cuba que comenzó su carrera cuando solo era una niña. En 1958 se mudo a la Habana donde participa en diferentes agrupaciones y nunca más paro. Formo parte de los grupos“Las Anacaonas” y“Cuarteto de Aida” antes de convertirse en solista.

En su carrera Teté toco por el mundo: Panama, Finlandia, Canada, Alemania y Angola entre muchos otros. Por esto y por muchas otras razones es un honer contar con ella en “Cuba my Soul”.

Tony Avila

cuban singer and song writer

For many people, this Cuban singer needs no introduction. But if you are not one of them, here it is. Tony Ávila is an amazing singer songwriter who will not only set you dancing but also will make you think a lot with his lyrics.

He had been a part of the music scene for 2 decades but before that, he studied philosophy. You can notice this influence when you listen to his music and this had made him huge. It was an honour and placer to have him participating on this documentary. Thanks.

Para mucha gente este trovador cubano no necesita presentación. Pero por si tu no lo conoces te cuento que Tony Ávila es un increíble cantante y compositor cubano que no solo te hace bailar con su musica sino también pensar mucho.

Tony lleva un par de décadas en la musica pero antes se dedico a estudiar letra y filosofía.

Esta influencia se nota en sus letras y lo convirtió en un grande. Gracias por participar de este doco.

Maria Victoria

cuban singer

Maria Victoria Rodriquez is a Cuban singer and performer who has always loved and preserved traditional Cuban music. Her career led her to establish herself as “The Queen of Son”. Raised in a family of musicians and singers, she began her career at just 7 years old and never stopped representing her roots.

Maria Victoria Rodriquez es una cantante e interprete Cubana que  siempre ha defendido y rescatado a la musica campesina.

Su carrera la llevo a consolidarse como “La reina del Son”.Criada en una familia de musicos y cantores ella comenzó su carrera con tan solo 7 anos y nunca dejo de representar sus raices.