Filmmakers Showcasing the Music of Cuba

Our goal

and where it all began

As filmmakers, our sole purpose is to capture transformative moments when and wherever they occur, recording and passing them along to future generations. In turn, it was our duty to preserve and examine this shocking historical event through the eyes of Cuba's music, culture and people.

Cuba My Soul began as a documentary on Cuban music. Its protagonists talk about son, salsa, trova: the rhythms that characterize Cuban musical tradition. However. due to the events that transpired, this documentary also acts as a lens in which to view Cuba's history, people and culture. It centers around today's Cuba - that Cuba is swiftly changing by the overwhelming speed of modernity.

The Famous Director- Craig Miller

Craig Miller

the director

Born in Melbourne, Craig Miller has held a long-time love of Cuban music. After travelling to Havana and taking dance and percussion lessons Craig developed a great appreciation and respect for the incredible diversity and passion of the people and their music.

Entrepreneur, filmmaker, percussionist and tireless traveller, Craig Miller is the mastermind behind Cuba My Soul. Craig has studied and played with top-class musicians like Rodolfo ‘Panga’ Hechavarria, Conrado (El Chino) and Ray Pareira before turning to another medium to describe the evanescent beauty of music: cinema.

Behind the music, there is always a story to be told. Craig’s love of music and diverse cultures has taken him to many places, with Africa and Brazil as possible subjects for future endeavours.

Pedro Pulido

the co-director

Pedro Pulido has been working in the audiovisual industry for more than 18 years.

Part of the prestigious Instituto Cubano de Radio y Televisión since 2000, he has won many awards as a director and has been involved in the co-production of movies, documentaries, videoclips and commercials for Cuban television and for independent labels.

Pedro played a major role in the making of this film, through audio recording, interviewing, filming and directing.

Cuba My Soul- Pedro Pulido
Jessica Samanda from Cuba My Soul

Jessica Samanda

the cuban producer

A video producer in her own right, we nicknamed Jessica “The Cyclone of Havana” due to her incredible energy as she pulled the production together. Working in Cuba presents a whole range of complications but nothing could stop her achieving the result.

Her greatest asset was her ability to enrol everyone in the possibility of the film and the difference it will make to the Cuban musicians who gave their cooperation so freely and generously.