Roxana Iglesias Morejon

Roxana Iglesias Morejón, a young and visionary Cuban composer, violinist, and director, stands at the helm of a musical endeavor that has marked its first decade in existence - Frasis. 

Frasis, a distinctive ensemble, is the embodiment of Roxana's aspiration to blend her expertise in violin with a string format that resonates with her classical training.

The group is a harmonious blend of talents, with the string quartet predominantly comprised of female members. Roxana's passion was not only to create a unique musical offering but to push the boundaries of what a string quartet can encompass within the realm of popular music.

roxana iglesias

Roxana's personal commitment to upholding elegance and refined taste in the context of popular music has been a guiding principle throughout the artistic evolution of the group.

A defining characteristic of Frasis is their unwavering commitment to showcasing the works of Cuban composers. Roxana's decision to champion the creations of young Cuban composers stems from a deep belief in the inherent quality of their compositions. She perceives these compositions as possessing immense potential, yet often limited in terms of interpretation and recording. Frasis endeavors to unearth these hidden treasures and enshrine them in their repertoire. In tandem with contemporary works, Roxana and Frasis also embrace and celebrate Cuba's rich musical heritage through anthological themes, a reminder of their cultural legacy.