Barbarito Torres

Bárbaro Alberto Torres Delgado, known as Barbarito Torres, is a Cuban lutenist who has made a significant impact on Cuban music. Born in Matanzas, Cuba, in 1956, Torres is a master of guajira music, showcasing exceptional skill and a deep connection to his Cuban roots.

His journey is marked by resilience, passion, and a lifelong dedication to Cuban musical traditions.

Torres fell in love with the lute at the age of 10, learning from his godfather, lutenist Luciano Monet. By 14, he had embraced a career in music, setting the stage for his life's work.

barbarito torres

He began his musical journey in the Cuban armed forces, which provided the foundation for his future endeavors. In the 1970s, Torres moved to Havana, where he continued to develop his talent in various musical groups.

Notably, he led the Campoalegre Group and collaborated with prominent artists like Celina González. However, his career took a significant turn in the mid-1990s.

Renowned musician and producer Juan de Marcos González invited Torres to join the Afro Cuban All Stars ensemble, a pivotal moment that connected him with exceptional talents like pianist Rubén González and singer Puntillita. This collaboration earned him the title "The pride of Matanzas."

Torres gained further prominence as part of the iconic Buena Vista Social Club project, uniting legendary Cuban musicians. His contributions showcased his virtuosity, solidifying his status as a luminous figure in Cuban music.

In 1999, Torres launched his solo career with albums like "Havana Café" and "Barbarito Torres," highlighting his lute mastery and genre-crossing abilities that capture the essence of Cuban music.

With a career spanning decades, Torres has performed worldwide alongside musical greats like Leo Brouwer, Chucho Valdés, Omara Portuondo, and more. His lute mastery and soulful performance have earned him a special place among Cuban musicians.

Barbarito Torres is a trailblazer, preserving tradition while innovating. His journey from Matanzas to international acclaim embodies the spirit of Cuban music, sharing the sounds of Cuba with the world. As a Buena Vista Social Club member and a remarkable solo artist, Torres' melodies continue to resonate, honoring Cuba's rich cultural tapestry.