Cuba comes to Bollywood


Vision & Concept

Deeply rooted in their rich heritage and collective identity, both Indian and Cuban cultures cherish a profound love for music and dance.

Following the triumphant reception of his documentary "Cuba My Soul" in India, where audiences reveled in the splendor of Cuban music and dance, filmmaker Craig Miller is driven to lead a collaborative project honoring the mutual love for music shared by these two nations.

This ambitious endeavor aims to seamlessly fuse the vibrant styles of Bollywood and Cuban music, drawing from genres like reggaeton, Cuban Son, and traditional Indian melodies. From crafting original compositions to producing captivating music videos, orchestrating live performances with intricate dance routines, and documenting the journey behind the scenes, the project encompasses a wide spectrum of creative endeavors.

More than a mere fusion of artistic expressions, "Cuba comes to Bollywood" serves as a poignant testament to the transformative power of cultural exchange and collaboration. Join us on this journey as we unite the pulsating rhythms of Cuba with the soulful essence of Bollywood.

"You're lounging by the poolside at the majestic Taj Mahal hotel with your dearest companion on a balmy summer evening, savoring every sip of a delectable cocktail. Suddenly, a captivating saga unfolds before you—a tale of love, fervor, and intrigue! Out of nowhere, a lively Bollywood song and dance ensemble materializes, setting the stage for an enchanting spectacle. A radiant Indian belle, exuding boundless charm, gracefully glides into the scene. Yet, amidst the allure, an unexpected twist arises—a stunning Cuban beauty makes her entrance, infusing the air with a distinct sensuality, hinting at a life both unfamiliar and irresistible. Amidst a fusion of Indian and Cuban rhythms, the flirtation, banter, and rivalry persist. Just when tensions peak, Ganesha makes a divine appearance—the revered Hindu deity, renowned as the remover of obstacles and harbinger of good fortune. The saga concludes with love prevailing and embracing all, culminating in a spirited Cuban "Rueda," where partners swirl in a joyous circle of unity."

salsa at taj mahal