Carlos Querol

Born on February 27, 1966, in Havana, he embarked on his musical journey in 1984 with Los Bocucos, led by Roberto Correa. Throughout his career, he has shared the stage with renowned artists such as Ibrahim Ferrer, Fernando Álvarez, and Carlos Montalvo Querol.

In 1991, he became a part of Carlos Puebla's quintet, gaining recognition through recordings with esteemed labels like Sony Music, Fania Records, and Termidor. This paved the way for international tours, spanning countries like Cyprus, Colombia, England, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, and Germany. Additionally, he contributed to film music projects for "Fuego Cubano" and "Aquella Casita Lejana." In Cuba, Carlos remains engaged in composing and performing music for theatrical productions.

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