Emilio Frias “El Niño”

Emilio Frías, known as "El Niño," is a Cuban musical talent and the founder of the renowned Orchestra "El Niño y la Verdad."

This musical journey started in 2013, born from Emilio's deep love for the roots of Cuban music.

His passion was inspired by the sounds of his neighborhood and the heart of Cuban family life.

Emilio's artistic path began early. He was active in the community of amateur artists, performing at various festivals and earning multiple awards.

Even at just 7 or 8 years old, he was captivating audiences with songs by Pedrito Fernández, starting his musical journey with guitar lessons from Clara Nicola.

el nino y la verdad

He drew inspiration from legends like Mario Rivera "Mayito," with style influenced by artists like Raúl Planas, Miguelito Cuní, and Carlos Embale. Yet, it was Rolando Laserie who deeply influenced Emilio, leaving a lasting impact on his own musical soul.

"El Niño y la Verdad" was founded on June 28, 2013, led by Emilio Frías "El Niño" and the talented pianist and musical director Wilfredo Naranjo "Pachy Jr." Their partnership began in 2009 when Emilio joined Elito Revé and his Charangón. During his time there, Emilio's vocal talents enriched tracks like "Agua pa 'Yemaya" and showcased his songwriting abilities, giving birth to compositions like "El nombrecito," "Jala, jala," and "El negocio personal."

In 2012, Emilio and Pachy Jr. decided to explore their unique sound through solo projects, which garnered tremendous support from the Cuban music community. This led to their independent venture, "El Niño y La Verdad." Their music stays true to authentic Cuban roots while incorporating contemporary harmonies, drawing influences from various generations of Cuban musicians.

The orchestra's lively arrangements by Pachy and guitarist Dayron Ortega create an infectious energy that has audiences singing along long after the concerts end. Emilio Frías "El Niño" continues to enrich the musical landscape with his dedication to Cuban heritage and a passion that resonates with audiences worldwide.