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We’ve recently made some enhancements to the “Cuba My Soul” website, bringing fresh content and an enriched experience for our visitors. Here’s a glimpse of what’s new:

Musicians page

Firstly, we’ve reorganized certain sections to provide a more streamlined and user-friendly interface. But the most significant addition is the introduction of musician bios. In “Cuba My Soul,” we had the privilege of collaborating with a multitude of incredibly talented musicians, many of whom became dear friends. To honor their invaluable contributions, we’ve created a dedicated space on our website where you can delve into their captivating stories. If you head over to the new musicians’ page, you’ll find these bios, each of which tells a unique tale of talent and artistry.


Additionally, we’ve established a fresh section exclusively dedicated to trailers and videos related to “Cuba My Soul.” We’ve carefully gathered and curated these clips, making them accessible both on our website and our YouTube channel. These snippets offer glimpses into our unforgettable journey, showcasing highlights from concerts and interviews. Some of these moments didn’t make it into the final cut of the film, but they are nonetheless beautiful, and we’re excited to share them with you. You can explore our video page or visit our YouTube channel to follow our journey through these captivating visuals.

The Descargas

Lastly, as a token of appreciation to all our supporters, we have a special gift. During the filming of “Cuba My Soul,” we had the privilege of recording an abundance of musical material, including an entirely unreleased improvised concert filled with descargas and spontaneous sessions. This concert is a true treasure, featuring some of Cuba’s most esteemed musicians. It’s not only unpublished but also unique—a collection of improvisations that we were fortunate enough to capture on tape.

As a gesture of gratitude, we’ve decided to make one of these exquisite descargas available for free download. By signing up here, you can access and enjoy this beautiful song from our recording sessions. It’s a small way for us to express our gratitude to all of you who have followed and supported our journey.