Kiki Corona

Enrique "Kiki" Corona Rodríguez, widely known as Kiki Corona, is a celebrated Cuban singer-songwriter, renowned for his musical talent and contributions to culture.

Born on January 13, 1960, in Havana, Corona's musical journey began at an early age, forging a lifelong connection to music.

Corona's musical education started in 1972 at the Alejandro García Caturla Conservatory, focusing on guitar under mentors Clara Nicola and Olga Recio. This early experience with strings laid the foundation for his remarkable musical journey.

kiki corona

In 1976, he joined the Nueva Trova movement with the Río Negro group, harmonizing Latin American melodies in a duet with Xiomara Laugart, under the direction of Professor Luis Ramírez Zúñiga. He continued his musical path by joining the Canto Libre group in 1978.

Corona's artistic growth was nurtured by esteemed educators like Abelardo Bosh, Carlos Emilio Morales, Leopoldina Núñez, and Armando Romeu, enriching his composition, orchestration, counterpoint, harmony, and guitar skills.

Starting in 1983, Kiki Corona's involvement in Cuba's cultural scene gained momentum. He collaborated with established artists, joined the Ecos choral octet under Argelia Fragoso's guidance, and created incidental music for Cuban television and radio programs, showcasing his diverse talents.

From 1984 to 1986, he garnered recognition for his compositions in various competitions, but his journey truly took flight when he joined the Mayohuacán group in September 1988. As a singer and composer, he performed across Cuba and internationally.

Corona's influence extended to the world of cinema, as he contributed to the musical score of the film "Sabor latino," highlighting his versatility and expanding his body of work.

His creative spirit transcended borders, with invitations for recording projects in Brazil and Italy, where he collaborated with esteemed figures in the music industry.

In his musical pursuits, Corona remains dedicated to preserving and evolving Cuba's musical heritage. His involvement in vocal groups, prolific album production, and diverse musical projects reflect his enduring commitment to his craft.

Kiki Corona's musical journey goes beyond notes and melodies; it reflects his insatiable curiosity and reverence for traditions. He skillfully blends the old and the new, uniting the legacy of Nueva Trova with his evolving musical insights. His songs are not just compositions; they are vibrant tapestries weaving together Cuban heritage and the broader Latin American soundscape.

As a composer and singer, Kiki Corona's significance is undeniable. His compositions have left an indelible mark on Cuban culture, gracing television series and elevating Cuban music to new heights. Through his dedication, Corona creates a harmonious symphony that resonates across generations, enriching Cuban music with every chord strummed and every lyric sung.