Pedro Lugo Martinez (El nene)

Pedro Lugo Martínez, fondly known as El Nene, is a respected Cuban Son performer. Born on August 1, 1960, in Havana, his musical journey began with simple tunes at family gatherings. At just fourteen, he embraced the world of percussion.

He started his musical career with the renowned Conjunto Chapotin, a five-year experience that laid a strong foundation.

El Nene's musical exploration led him to form groups like the Rumba Clave y Guaguancó Group and the Cubava group, broadening his artistic horizons. However, it was his role as the lead vocalist of the Jóvenes Clásicos del Son septet since 1995 that catapulted him into the Cuban music scene, captivating audiences with his expressive singing.

el nene

In 2006, he founded his own orchestra, El Son del Nene, reflecting his growth as a musical maestro.

El Nene's collaborations have spanned various genres. He contributed his voice to Las Estrellas de Areíto, paying tribute to Faustino Oramas, known as El Guayabero, with tracks like "Como baila Marieta," "Mañana me voy," and "Cuidao con El Perro."

In May 2011, he embarked on a national tour, showcasing his album "Mi Deseo." This album, released under the EGREM label, features a mix of sonera pieces, highlighting his versatility and dedication to his craft. The album, including both a CD and a DVD, emphasizes El Nene's commitment to his audience's experience. Tracks like "Sé feliz," written by Descemer Bueno, add a contemporary touch to his timeless melodies. The album's production and direction by Emilio Vega underscore his dedication to delivering an authentic musical journey.

Beyond Son, El Nene has excelled in other genres like Trova, weaving stories through his melodies.

His journey has included performances alongside luminaries like Pablo Milanés and participation in events like the Polle Polle Festival in Europe. Collaborating with Luis Alberto (El Canario), he has added depth to his musical tapestry.

El Nene's discography, including albums like "Cuidao con el Perro" (2000) and "Mi Deseo" (2008), reflects his artistic evolution, with each track contributing to his ongoing narrative.

Pedro Lugo Martínez, El Nene, continues to enrich Cuba's musical heritage with his rhythmic mastery and storytelling, weaving melodious threads into the fabric of Cuban music.