Raul Nacianceno

The life of Raúl Nacianceno Miyares, a notable saxophonist, intertwines with that of the renowned Orquesta Riverside.

This Cuban big band, established in 1938, achieved remarkable success and stood as one of the most beloved ensembles of the 1940s and 1950s.

However, in 1993, after a prolonged period of waning success, the orchestra disbanded.

This challenging phase led to the dispersion of many musicians who faced scarce work opportunities and limited contracts.

Some sought their own musical ventures, both within their local scene and on the international stage.

raul naciaceno

Raul, who had played in Orquesta Riverside as a saxophonist, took on the challenge to revive it.

He spent years carefully bringing back the orchestra's music and structure by transcribing every piece and instrument from old recordings while honoring the tradition of Riverside.

After completing this labor of love, Raúl presented the revival idea to the Ministry of Culture, and they enthusiastically supported it. Thanks to his dedication, the orchestra was reborn and continues its musical journey.

Today, under Raúl Nacianceno's leadership, Riverside thrives with new Cuban music talents. They keep their music true to its roots, preserving the past's essence. Notably, their compositions are known for respecting different social groups, especially women, which sets them apart from modern music trends that may overlook these values.