Tete’ Caturla

Regla Teresa García Rodríguez, known by her artistic name Teté Caturla, is a remarkable Cuban vocalist whose musical journey began in her early years. Born on October 13, 1937, in the town of Remedios, Teté's connection with music found its roots in her city.

She joined the Children's Band under maestro Agustín Jiménez Crespo and honed her craft at the Municipal Academy.

In 1958, Teté moved to Havana and became part of "Las Anacaonas." In 1963, she joined the D'Aida Quartet, becoming the fourth voice alongside Omara Portuondo, Xiomara Valdés, and Lilita Peñalver. They graced stages like the Tropicana cabaret, Caribe, Capri, and Paris, and appeared on radio and television programs.

Teté's musical voyage extended beyond Cuba. Panama, Granada, Mexico, Spain, Angola, and Finland embraced her harmonies with the quartet.

Her tenure continued until 1998, a testament to her commitment to her art and fellow musicians.

The 1980s saw Teté embracing informal groups and becoming a soloist with Estrellas de Areito under EGREM. She collaborated with musical legends like Tito Gómez, Miguelito Cuní, and Pío Leiva. Her success extended to Venezuela.

Tete Caturla-Cuban Singer

From 1998, Teté joined the Afro Cuban All Stars project, gracing stages across Europe and North America. Her voice resonated at venues like Swinging Broningen Festival and Lisner Auditorium.

Teté imbibed wisdom from Aida Diestro and Rubén González Fontanills, becoming an unmatched musical force. Her voice holds a rhythm that captivates audiences, and she treasures the genuine affection and respect her admirers bestow upon her.

In 2015, Teté appeared in the video "Chan Chan - Song Around the World" by the Playing for Change movement, adding her voice to a global harmony.

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In the tapestry of Cuban music, Teté Caturla is an emblem of dedication and musical brilliance. Her harmonies, nurtured by her roots and elevated by her talent, enrich the symphony of Cuban musical heritage.

From her beginnings in Remedios to stages around the world, Teté's melodies remain an indelible mark on the hearts of those who have experienced her artistry.

Teté passed away on September 4, 2023.

She was one of the stars in Cuba My Soul and one of the real treasures of Cuban music. While filming Cuba my Soul, she generously invited me into her house and provided a delightful interview.

So charismatic and talented, she was a true defender of traditional Cuban music.

She had a cheeky personality and a special trick of throwing her shakers to an unsuspecting audience member who had to catch it.

It is a great loss but I am proud that her legacy may live on through my film.