Tomas El Panga Ramos

Tomas Ramos, also known as "El Panga," is a shining example of Cuban musical talent. He's a master of the congas, and his rhythmic skill has graced some of the most iconic Cuban music ensembles and recordings. His contributions to the music world are truly exceptional.

El Panga's musical journey has been fascinating, marked by his ability to adapt to various styles effortlessly.

He's been part of respected groups like Paulito FG and Cubanismo, showcasing his versatility as a musician who can fit into any musical setting.

el panga ramos

One of his significant collaborations was with Paulito FG, where he added his rhythmic magic to albums like "Sofocándote" and "Tú no me calculas." His congas brought infectious energy to Paulito FG's music.

El Panga's conga rhythms have also enriched recordings by artists like Juan Ceruto in the album "A puerto padre." His dynamic percussion skills have played a key role in Cubanismo's enchanting sound, heard in recordings like "Reencarnación" and "Mardi Gras Mambo," blending Cuban rhythms with global influences.

His musical journey continues with collaborations in albums like "Los Que Son Son" by Pupy Pedroso, "Pa' bacheatar...Chapottín" by Mayito Rivera, and "Havana Café" by Barbarito Torres, all of which reflect his rhythmic genius and contribute to the rich tapestry of Cuban music.

El Panga now resides in La Habana, remaining at the heart of the Cuban music scene. His innate ability to connect different musical elements has made him a sought-after studio musician. His congas beat with the spirit of Cuba, enhancing compositions and recordings with a unique rhythmic flair only a musician of his caliber can offer.

In the words of Kevin Moore, "A consummate musician, El Panga is one of the top studio musicians in Cuba, equally comfortable with any style—from Paulito to the Buena Vista Social Club." His legacy is engraved in countless recordings, his rhythm an integral part of the melodic stories told by Cuban artists. As a Cuban music luminary, El Panga's rhythmic legacy continues to thrive, inspiring generations of musicians and music lovers alike.