Yoyo Ibarra

Yoyo Ibarra, also known as Yoyo, is a versatile artist born on August 31, 1989, in Pinar del Río, Cuba.

He has made a significant mark in various creative fields, including music, composition, audiovisual production, and graphic design.

Yoyo's journey in the world of arts started at a young age when he received an award for his storytelling and poetry talents in 1998. Music played a crucial role in his life, beginning with the saxophone and later the guitar.

His musical path was transformed when maestro Leo Brouwer gifted him his first guitar at the age of 11, igniting his passion for creative expression.

yoyo ibarra

In 2008, Yoyo began studying Film Direction at the Higher Institute of Design (ISDi), combining his artistic talents with visual communication and graphic design. He believed that design and music shared the core of conveying meaningful messages, and he incorporated this philosophy into his music, focusing on simplicity to provoke reflection and contemplation.

Yoyo's professional music career started in 2009 when he joined the dance music group Javi Santana. His exceptional abilities as an instrumentalist, composer, and performer earned recognition from the Cuban Institute of Music (ICM).

In 2010, Yoyo expanded his musical horizons by joining the group Shamela as a vocalist and guitarist, showcasing his versatility and dedication to exploring diverse music genres.

Yoyo's impact extended globally, and he embarked on an international tour in 2015, collaborating with Manolito Simonet to co-write the hit "Olvidame," which achieved high chart positions. In 2016, he achieved a major milestone with the Number 1 hit "Candela pa 'la Vela," blending pop, salsa, and urban influences. This track was featured on Sony Music Atv's compilation album "The Best of Cuban Music" and even caught the attention of Kanye West during Yoyo's performance on "Keeping Up With The Kardashians."

Yoyo Ibarra's journey is a testament to his limitless creativity, versatility, and dedication to his craft. As a musician, composer, arranger, audiovisual producer, and graphic designer, he has become one of the most accomplished Cuban singer-songwriters of his generation. His music, characterized by poetic lyrics and a diverse mix of genres, continues to captivate audiences worldwide, securing his legacy as an enduring artist.